Google i/O 2018 – Get Set, Go!

The Countdown’s Started

Google i/O is an annual event that brings together developers from around the world for talks, hands-on learning and previews of their very latest products and, just as you’d expect, members of the Hi9 team will be flying over to America to get involved. Not only that, we’ll be organising a “Google Extended” here in Cornwall!

Exciting eh? And most importantly we’ll be bringing back all that knowledge to pass onto you, our customers.

So what will be happening in America?

Attendees from Hi9 will join the codelabs and sandboxes to share thoughts and insights with the top Google experts. Codelabs are the place to go to get hands-on experience in ready-to-code kiosks. They have everything you need to learn about the latest and greatest Google technologies via self-paced tutorials with Google staff on hand for helpful advice and direction. Sandboxes are dedicated spaces to explore, learn, and play with the latest products and platforms via interactive demos, physical installations, and we can’t wait to jump on board and have a go!

Here in Cornwall, we’ll be streaming the event live. Aside from being great fun it will also be a great opportunity to network.

Everyone here’s super excited and can’t wait to take advantage of everything on offer and then apply that knowledge and those new techs to the products and services we deliver.

Google i/O 2018 is set to take place from 8 – 10th May in Mount View CA.

This Years Themes


Utilise platforms that connect you to billions of users across the world

Grow and Earn

Acquire and engage with new users; grow meaningful, monetisation streams

Building on Mobile

Apply infrastructure and services  to take your mobile apps to the next level

Beyond Mobile

Expand onto new screens and push the limits of what’s possible

The chance to purchase a ticket has now expired but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take part. Last year, developers hosted 534 extended viewing parties and countless others joined online. We’re confident that GDG Falmouth will be one of those, so make sure you sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you posted!