Introducing deko to VC’s & Leading Investors

As you probably already know, Hi9’s attending the Rework AI Summit in London.

As a startup we were invited to create a two minute pitch outlining our product, deko, and how it solved a problem using AI in order to have the opportunity to position in front of top VCs including Atomico, Samsung NEXT Ventures and MMC Ventures, with portfolio companies including Graphcore, Mapillary and Vicarious.

We’re super excited to announce that we’re one of just five winning submissions. This is our first chance to show and talk to leaders in the field about deko.

So here, in brief is what we’ll be pitching, along with a demo. on the day:

Using AI such as NLP, Vision AI and recommendation engines, we created deko – an easy to use, digital AI, card based platform. Everyone can work it anywhere from Web, Messenger platforms and Voice to share information or buy and sell products and services.

The old web was based on documents, but the new web is based on 3 dominant forms of delivery. Cards, from AMP and online shop fronts to chat apps and Google Assistant card carousels. Voice, from Amazon Echo and Google Home, and AI which make using this “new” web simpler but all demand different ways of development. Deko bypasses this.

There is a huge emerging market that’s come about with the arrival of Voice, Chat apps and AI; deko can provide users with a unified platform.