Is Your Business Ready For Bots?

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Whether you’re just setting up in business or maybe taking a fresh look at your marketing, Hi9 can offer key strategic insights and recommendations on the very latest technologies and best practices.

Conversational voice applications are the next step along the journey, but understanding the need to adapt is just one stage, application, and delivery another. Hi9 is here to help you create a better bot suited to your company’s brand whether for-profit or non-profit.

No matter what the medium, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Messenger, the story, and persona is always the key element to engagement.

Another aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and yet another invaluable tool is Machine Learning. However, businesses often struggle to identify to what and where they might actually apply ML, not only when it comes to problem-solving but also to generating huge insight.

Key areas include:

  • Prediction – “if then” scenarios

  • Data- Clean data is better than big data

  • Labelling – this enables ML to operate at its best

Hi9 is here to help you explore, action and monitor these new technologies.