Improving Quality of Life

The Breathe Better Bot is focused on developing better self-management and support for long-term sufferers of breathing disorders. By utilising connected devices, machine learning algorithms and a cloud platform we deliver simple, ever-growing content on command that improves patient’s lives.

For Patients

The Breathe Better Bot is a product that enables patients to manage their long term respiratory conditions more effectively 99% of the time. Sufferers of all ages will be able to self-monitor their asthma or COPD, using VUI delivered via smart speakers or Google Assistant on any Smartphone using the Android operating system.

By using VUI to record a diary based on assumptions created working in conjunction with Exeter University, it allows users to take ownership of their healthcare by becoming aware of their surroundings and environmental situations at all times and the effects they have on their health. It also delivers random reminders for example – have you exercised today? plus prompts for example – have you had your flu jab? or – have you booked your annual check-up? Combined, all these tools help ongoing treatment plans.

Self-monitoring by VUI will be delivered using NLP. This is the perfect conduit as it allows for easy and convenient interactions between patients and technology. This technology can learn from each user and ultimately provide optimum personalised treatments and health plans.

For Primary Carers

Acute illnesses take up a significant proportion of our healthcare budgets and can be considered potentially avoidable through timely and effective medical management. All patients diagnosed with a long term condition, need exhaustive follow-up patient care along with continuous administration of a drug(s) in personalised doses. Not only do patients benefit from self-management solutions, which provide both self and remote monitoring and early diagnostics but also the primary caregiver by reducing the number of visits to surgeries and by avoiding hospital admissions.

In every case, the primary caregiver, GP, specialist nurse, parent or other, can with pre-determined permissions, access information about symptoms and attacks/events via a dashboard. This is a huge time saver, provides more accurate results plus eases the interaction between patient and caregiver. Patients will be continually adding data to the clinical record which will extrapolate, iterate and adapt with ML.

NB The results generated from the diaries will be compared/analysed with pollution data to implement deep learning models. This process will prepare for the predictive elements to be added at a later date. On further development, we will  be adding information about indoor pollution.

Daily alerts to environmental triggers such as pollution and humidity levels, weather conditions, and pollen count are there to provide patients with the associated risks related to respiratory health so allowing them to make informed choices. The Breathe Better Bot uses an evidence-based overview of outdoor pollution that follows WHO and Government guidelines.

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