For Patients

The Breathe Better Bot is a new product that enables patients to manage their long term respiratory conditions more effectively 99% of the time. Sufferers of all ages will be able to self-monitor their asthma or COPD, using VUI delivered via smart speakers or Google Assistant on Smartphones using the Android operating system.

By using VUI to record a diary based on assumptions created working in conjunction with Exeter University, it allows users to take ownership of their healthcare by becoming aware of their surroundings & situations at all times & the effects they have on their health. Further down the line we will deliver alerts/nudges to promote action by patients when applicable; for example – should there be high pollution levels to keep a preventative inhaler on themselves at all times. 

Self-monitoring by VUI will be delivered using NLP. This is the perfect conduit as it allows for easy & convenient interactions between patients & technology. This technology can learn from each user and ultimately provide optimum personalised treatments & health plans.

For Primary Carers

Acute illnesses take up a significant proportion of healthcare budgets & can be considered potentially avoidable through timely & effective medical management. All patients diagnosed with a long term condition, need exhaustive follow-up patient care along with continuous administration of a drug(s) in personalised doses. Not only do patients benefit from self-management solutions, which provide both self & remote monitoring & early diagnostics but also the primary caregiver by reducing the number of visits to surgeries & by avoiding hospital admissions.

In every case, the primary caregiver, GP, specialist nurse, parent or other, can with pre-determined permissions, access information in real time or post-events via a dashboard. This will be a huge time saver, plus ease of interaction with the patient significantly improved & more accurate results generated. Patients will be continually adding data to the clinical record which will extrapolate, iterate & adapt with ML.

NB The results generated from the diaries will be compared/analysed with pollution data to implement deep learning models. This process will prepare for the predictive elements to be added at a later date.

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